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Visions For Confidence

Our Mission

At VisionsForConfidence (V4C), our mission is to empower and support young individuals as they explore their identities and develop the confidence necessary to reach their full potential as performing artists and responsible citizens of the world. V4C aims to apply the transformative power of the fine arts in boosting confidence and shaping the futures of children.

V4C Chapters

Currently, there are SIX V4C Chapters across the U.S., and ONE International Chapter in Galapagos Islands.

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V4C's Impact:

Giving Back by Donations and Scholarships

Scholarships to Two Outstanding Dancers at YAGP World Finals, Apr 2023.

V4C Donation to George HW Bush Elementary School_Pic 2.jpg

George Bush Elementary School, Aug 2022

Rays of Light, Mar 2022

V4C Scholarship Photo_2.jpg

V4C Fine Arts Scholarship Award, Oct 2021

TDC's Scholarship Funds, Jun 2021

TDC's Community Performance, Dec 2020


V4C Fund Raising Event_Dec 2022.jpg

V4C Winter Fundraising Performance, Dec 2022

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Making a donation to VisionsForConfidence

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Dance Vibe Fitness

Madeleine, along with her dance partner, Julia Gilbreath, runs the YouTube channel DanceVibeFitness. This channel creates short dance and exercise videos to help people all over the world stay active and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.


How To Help

Donate or Volunteer! You can make an online donation, or volunteer to participate in V4C’s program, event or activity by emailing "".

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