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Chen & Echt Arts Scholarship (CEAS)

We've Donated $8,000 in Scholarships Total

Chen & Echt Arts Scholarship (CEAS), a combined need- and merit-based fine arts scholarship program

Goals: Offering talented young artists (age ≤ 20) with financial needs to pursue continued art training and competition to fulfil their art dreams

Amount: $500, $1000, $1500, and $2000

Eligibility Criteria: Providing past 2-years of family tax return to demonstrate the financial needs

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Application process:

  • one-page application essay, describing the following

    • What does the scholarship mean to you?

    • What have you accomplished so far in pursuing arts?

    • How will the scholarship help you fulfil your art goals?

  • One headshot picture

  • One video example showing your current art work

  • An interview by VisionsForConfidence team members


Please email your application package to VisionsForConfidence

(  or mail your application package to 4 Grantley Ct., Dallas, TX 75230.

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