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Jackson Hole, WY Chapter

Elizabeth Echt 

Congratulations to Elizabeth Echt for successfully establishing the first new V4C Chapter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, thereby expanding V4C's reach and impact to a broader scope! We invite you to read Elizabeth's story and learn about her journey in establishing the V4C Chapter in Wyoming:


My name is Elizabeth Echt. In January 2022, I moved from Dallas, Texas, to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and transferred from The Hockaday School to Teton Science School. During my first months in Jackson Hole, I participated in various fine arts classes, ensembles, and activities, which I planned to continue throughout high school. At Teton Science School, I established an after-school elective fine arts class to teach elementary and middle school students who were interested in learning vocals, music theory, and general musicianship. During 2022-2023 school year, I intend to expand this program to include music students from all over Teton County. I am also a first violinist in the Jackson Hole Youth Orchestra, which is a wonderful experience that I am excited to continue. Additionally, I play percussion instruments such as timpani, xylophone, and snare drum in the community band and continue to perform in my school's rock ensembles. I am enthusiastic about bringing V4C’s mission of empowering children and students through fine arts to my new community in Jackson Hole. I am eager to see how the Wyoming chapter of V4C evolves and how it will help children connect with the arts in so many different ways!

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