V4C Chapters

At VisionsForConfidence (V4C), we endeavor to expand our impact nationally by encouraging the launching of new V4C chapters nationwide, starting from the summer of 2022. Through our V4C Instagram, V4C website, fine arts connections and our programs in the summer, we have encouraged students/teens across the nation to open V4C local chapters in their own school, providing an opportunity for more students to gain access to fine arts and increase confidence and succeed through fine arts in their own community. Establishing V4C local chapters affords students with an interest in fine arts, the ability to gain visibility and develop leadership experience through this process.   With our existing resources, we’ll be able to provide advice and funding opportunities for them to help establish their local chapter and advance the cause. For those interested in opening your own V4C local chapter, please fill out the form below. Reach us at chapters@visionsforconfidence.com or visions4confidence@gmail.com for additional details about the process of setting up your own V4C local chapters.