Meet the Team

Since our founding in 2020, V4C has developed and grown tremendously. We’re very proud of the diversity of our team, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and talents to our success. Find out more about our team members below.

Madeleine Chen

Along with being an elite dancer, Madeleine has had an extensive piano training, and has been devoted to the arts from a young age. Her passion currently lies in dance, but nevertheless, has a love for all arts. Over the past several years, she has won multiple prestigious dance awards, such as YAGP Regional Junior Contemporary 2nd Place, Classical Ballet 3rd Place, Contemporary Duet Overall Top 12 at YAGP World Finals in May 2021.  She has been invited to the YAGP World Finals 2 years in a row. Madeleine has been dancing at TDC for 8 years and has had a privilege to be trained with many world class ballet instructors from Bolshoi Ballet, Royal Ballet, Ballet West, New York City Ballet, and more! Her passion towards dance has helped open doors for many as she has taught several private ballet students and has helped them get into the dance programs of their choice! She is also invited to be a ballet instructor teaching summer ballet camp at HappyFeet Dance School this summer. As co-founder of V4C and Social Impact board member at Hockaday, Madeleine continues to spread her love for the arts and education of dance to students everywhere!

Elizabeth Echt

Elizabeth’s love for the arts started when she began violin lessons at a young age. She branched out to instruments such as guitar, piano, and mandolin, but her true passion lies with vocals. She has been a classically trained musician for 10 years. Elizabeth has taken part in The School of Rock Dallas house band, published multiple songs and EPs on Spotify, and is the Fine Arts representative at The Hockaday School. She loves all fine arts and has won multiple awards for her instrumental studies.  Elizabeth is one of the co-founders, and she can’t wait to continue her journey with V4C and continue to spread her passion of music and the arts with kids everywhere.

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Ariana Wang
Technology Officer & Marketing Director

Ariana’s dedication to fine arts stems from her ten years of piano training. Not only does she have experience and interest in piano, but she also has a love for all forms of art, including graphic designing. She, along with a few friends, has also started a clothing business, Afterthought Apparel, and hopes to help more aspiring artists with their donations to V4C. Furthermore, with the support of V4C team, Ariana has designed and developed the V4C's website and supported V4C's community outreach program. She is a dedicated member of V4C, and she hopes to continue contributing to the organization with her team.

Kaelyn Lee
Business Operation Officer

Kaelyn’s love for the arts comes from her experience playing the flute for six years. She played on her school band for three years and now continues to practice regularly in her free time. In addition to that, she also has experience playing the piano and the violin. Participating in the North Texas Red Cross and co-founding the Red Cross Club at Hockaday, Kaelyn is very passionate about creating social impact and finds great importance in helping others pursue their dreams. As a member of V4C, she is so excited to further her passions and contribute to the teamm.