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Our Story


V4C: The Beginning

Madeleine and Elizabeth, our co-founders, discovered their own artistic identities and developed confidence through dedication, training, and taking risks in their artistic pursuits. Their commitment to their artistic passions informs their interactions with the world around them. For Madeleine, dance became a means of forming meaningful connections and inspired her to push beyond her comfort zone, both in and out of class. For Elizabeth, music and songwriting became tools for expressing her emotions and connecting with others. Both came to recognize that through their journey of training, competing, and sharing their craft through performance, they had developed an extraordinary level of self-assurance. This realization led them to want to give back to the artistic community that had bestowed upon them so much. V4C’s name reflects the power of fine arts in building confidence and positively impacting the futures of children.

Confidence Leads to Success

Our co-founders' confidence had a significant impact on their lives beyond the studios and stages, and into their classrooms and communities. This confidence led to many new and exciting opportunities for them. They recognized the transformative power of the performing arts in their own lives and wanted to share these life-changing experiences and the confidence they gained through the fine arts, in the hopes of creating opportunities for other children that would transform their lives for the better. This journey was made possible by their passion for the fine arts and their commitment to achieving their personal best.

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