Our Story

Madeleine and Elizabeth, our Co-Founders, discovered their own artistic and personal identities and developed fabulous confidence through learning to take risks in their own artistic endeavors. Each day, their commitment to their artistic passions informs their interactions with the world around them.  For Madeleine, dance became a way to establish meaningful connections with others, while challenging her discipline as she drove to the edge of her comfort zone of each class. While for Elizabeth, music and songwriting became a tool for her to beautifully express the emotions she sought to share and communicate to others. Both came to the realization that through their personal journeys of training, competing and sharing their craft by performing, they had developed an extraordinary level of confidence. This had a profound impact on their lives beyond the studios and stages, and into their classrooms and communities. Confidence has led to many new and exciting opportunities for the girls.  Because of the life-changing opportunities each of them experienced as a result of their confidence, they wanted to share with others a path that has transformed their lives for the better and continues to open doors for them. This pathway, they realized, was paved by their passion for fine arts and their commitment to pursue their personal best.


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