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V4C Winter Fundraising Performance, Dec 2022

On December 18th, 2022, VisionsForConfidence (V4C), in partnership with the V4C Booker T Washington Chapter and the Preston Hollow Chapter, successfully hosted a fundraising performance event at May Dragon Chinese Restaurant. The event was attended by over 60 individuals, including 20 performers from educational institutions such as The Hockaday School, St Mark's School of Texas, The Greenhill School, The Dallas Conservatory, and Booker T Washington High School. These young artists delivered outstanding performances.  V4C is grateful for the generous donations and support received from participants and the community. V4C would like to extend special thanks to Mr. Joe Chow, the Mayor of Addison, for his guidance, assistance, and generous philanthropy towards this event. Additionally, V4C would like to express gratitude to all who have supported the organization. V4C will continue to advance its mission of championing worthy causes through the fine arts.

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