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As a student with four siblings and a single mom, finances have always been a challenge for my family. After graduating from TDC’s academic program for High School in May 2021, I decided to take a gap year to work and get dance training full time. This decision was heavily based on my family’s inability to financially support my college and art training. I also wanted to use this time to attend dance competitions with TDC as a soloist. During this gap year, I have been working hard in Customer Service and as a sub-teacher at TDC, earning income to pay for my dance tuition, private lessons, and doing my best to save money for my future. 


I’m so grateful for VisionsforConfidence and everyone on your team!  Knowing I now have this scholarship to put towards my future as a dancer, I have peace of mind that I’m capable of achieving my career goals. My past few years of training at TDC has shown me the unlimited possibilities of the dance industry and what I can accomplish within it. Without the help from V4C, I would still be worried about affording the deposit of my dream school in New York. I can’t thank V4C enough for investing in my future and I’m so excited to be able to further pursue my dream in art!


                                                                                                                          ─ Gabi Roller

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